The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Bottle Shop’ opens in… Bowral

January 16, 2024
By Cody Profaca

When first entering Bowral’s newest liquor store you won’t be blamed for doing a double take. Is is it a jewellery store? Is it a boutique? Is it a tasting room? Is that a giant bottle or shelves?… 

The answer is e) all of the above. Much more than just a retail venture, the SoHi Bottle Shop is SoHi Spirits best attempt to encapsulate the very essence of their brand in store form, royal decadence and all. 

“We think the best shops are an experience, and our small, luxe space is certainly that. From the global research we’ve done, and from what customers are already saying, we think we’ve just opened the world’s most beautiful bottle shop,” said Alex Doughty, SoHi founder.

Since launching in December 2021, SoHi’s vodkas and gin have been steadily leaving ripples in the sophisticated spirits pond. Proudly pertaining to the NSW Southern Highlands region from which it derives its name, SoHi’s spirit range champions the region’s potatoes and botanicals, and to great success. Within two short years, its products have collected medals at the London Spirits Competition along with earning its place at leading culinary institutions such as Sydney’s Oncore, Bennelong and Margaret. 

“SoHi [spirits] takes things up a notch and our first shop in our home town of Bowral is no different. Southern Highlands’ best spirits, in the best street, in the best new retail experience. It’s more of a jewellery store than a bottle-o!” said Doughty. 

In addition to its vodkas and gin, SoHi also offers a dry vermouth, cacao liqueur, and various bottled Negroni’s and Martini’s, all packaged in opulent glass bottles and velvet bags. 

“Our new bottled Proper Martinis come straight from the freezer and our fancy refill fountain is already a locals’ favourite,” added Doughty. 

“They simply bring in their empty bottles for a discount and no-one has to throw our beautiful bottle out. And when they’re not being refilled, our friends at nearby Small Impact Studio have transformed our bottles into beautiful glassware like vases, bowls and mixing glasses.”

The new store is located in the centre of Bowral and is open Thursdays through to Sundays, 11am to 5pm. Tastings can be arranged by appointment.


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