The Top 10 craziest beers at GABS 2019

April 24, 2019
By Alana House

The GABS Beer, Cider and Food Festival is back for another huge year, promising to pour some of its most deliciously bizarre beers yet.

The cornerstone of the GABS Festival’s uniqueness is the one-off beers and ciders that are brewed each year.

For 2019, brewers have found inspiration from everywhere including Australia’s iconic flora and fauna, food and even mythology.

How does BigShed’s Tim Tam beer sound, for example?

Brewer Craig Basford said: “We love playing with existing foods and drinks and seeing what we can do to ‘beerify’ them.

“The idea being to get a beer that will taste great on its own, but even better when sucked through a Tim Tam.”

Meanwhile, Red Bird added chargrilled kangaroo to one of its brews. Peter Imison said the idea came from a nearby suburb named Kangaroo Ground.

“We live next to kangaroo ground, the most accurately named suburb of greater Melbourne and regularly have visits from these awesome marsupials at our brewery and houses,” he explained.

“Our second driver was an inability to source organic unicorn tears and because an extensive google search indicated that nobody else had been quite so adventurous as to add this particular product to a beer before.”

Here are this year’s Top 10 most out-there beers

  1. LIZARD’S PICNIC (TYRANT ANT SOUR) from Shifty Lizard Brewing Co, SA features tyrant ants, which give the beer a citrus tone.
  2. KANGABREW from Rare Bird Brewing, VIC, is a red wheat beer with native mountain pepperberry and char-grilled kangaroo.
  3. THE BLOOD OF RA from Red Duck Beer, VIC, is infused with Egyptian bread beer, with rye, ancient grains, Basilio sourdough, spices and fruit
  4. VEGEMIGHT GOSE from Sweet Amber Brewing Co, SA, is the breakfast of champions translated into everyone’s favourite fermented beer
  5. THE TIM TAM SLAM from Big Shed Brewing Concern, SA, combines coffee and Tim Tam in a stein.
  6. GRILLED PINEAPPLE SMOKED BACON NEIPA from Eden Brewery, NSW, brews up a Hawaiian pizza in a NEIPA.
  7. DAZY from Balter, QLD, is a mix of tropical fruit, mango and citrus with light piney dank notes.
  8. COFFEE AND DONUTS from Wayward Brewing Co, NSW, sees the brewer partner with Grumpy Donuts and Toby’s Estate, to deliver a sweet vanilla and cinnamon flavoured beer, balanced out by a gently roasted and cold distilled special blend of beans.
  9. BLOODY MARY IPA from Aether Brewing, QLD, is a non-traditional take on a Bloody Mary, packing in aromas of celery, cucumber, chilli, hop driven botanicals and of course tomato.
  10. UNPHỞGETTABLE BLONDE from Morrison Brewing, TAS, is a hearty malt, with layers of thai basil, coriander, citrus, anise, spices and possibly even some fish sauce.

GABS Beer, Cider & Food Fest presented by Dan Murphy’s is proudly supported by Ariston, Kegstar, The Local Taphouse, Little Creatures, Yak Ales and Yenda.

It kicks off at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank, on April 27 before moving to Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.

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