The Stubbie is back

November 10, 2020
By Ioni Doherty

Inspired by the days when shorts were short and mullets were long, new Stubbie Beer looks and tastes how an Australian beer should; smooth, balanced and stubbornly refreshing.

If you’re more into your beer than your beard, then Stubbie is the beer for you.  It’s quaffable without any waffle and is deliciously sessionable on long hot summer days. 

Brewed for Pinnacle Drinks by the award-winning Gage Roads Brew Co in Western Australia with homegrown hops and malt, Stubbie is a great tasting beer that makes a ripper thirst quencher.  It comes in an easy-to-grab stubbie bottle, designed with a nod to days gone by when having a yarn with a coldie over the back fence was fair dinkum at the end of a long hot day.

“Stubbie is a Kölsch style beer which means its light in flavour and drinkability – it’s a style that’s becoming increasingly popular amongst everyday beer drinkers looking for a fresh take on traditional Aussie beer,” said Harriet Wischer, category manager, range (commercial and Pinnacle beer/cider), Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

Straw gold in colour, Stubbie features an enticing combination of lifted floral and savoury herbal with classic hops character. Topaz hops provide a clove-like spiciness and a light, lychee and tropical fruitiness that ends with a clean bitter finish.

Available exclusively from Dan Murphy’s and BWS,retails for $56.00 24 case; $18.00 6-pack; $4.00 each.  

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