The real summer of seltzers is coming

September 29, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Sales of seltzers have more than doubled over the past 12 months and become one of the fastest growing sub-categories across Dan Murphy’s and BWS.

“Many anticipated last year to be the summer of seltzers in Australia, but we believe this summer will be the real summer of seltzers and are already starting to see the upward trends since moving into spring,” said Endeavour Group’s RTD Category Manager Lance Friedman. 

“Many customers have tried different brands and flavours of seltzers and fallen in love with them. In the coming months, we expect seltzers to be cemented as the official drink of the Australian summer,” he added.

To meet the demand, Endeavour Group has doubled its range of seltzers and now have over 80 different varieties in stores. 

“This year, customers can expect to see a lot more breath of range, with new flavours, base spirits and colours. Seltzers have been predominantly vodka-based but we are now seeing for example gin based-seltzers like Wolf Lane Gin Seltzer Mango and many brands are also offering mix pack seltzers with a variety of flavours like Island Fever 12 pack,” he said.

Although considered a drink for summer, the premix drink has had consistent sales even during autumn, winter and spring – with spikes in demand on warm days. 

“Seltzers is now a bigger RTD sub-category than gin-based premix and will soon be bigger than rum-based premix drinks,” Mr Friedman explained. 

Seltzers are particularly popular with Gen Z and millennial customers, and in seaside and metro suburbs. 

“Seltzers are the most popular in our stores in Mornington Peninsula, Noosa, Whitsundays and Bondi,” he said.

The majority of seltzers in Dan Murphy’s and BWS are Australian-made, with some of the most popular seltzers being those made by independent producers Coast in Torquay and Fellr in Sydney. 

“We keep seeing a lot of great innovation from Australian producers in the seltzers category, local is important to customers and our business alike, so it has been great to see Seltzers being predominantly locally made and owned,” Mr Friedman explained.

To discover the range of seltzers, head to Dan Murphy’s or BWS.

The top 5 BWS stores for seltzers 

  • BWS Rye, Victoria
  • BWS Noosa Heads Drive, Queensland
  • BWS Whitsunday Village, Queensland
  • Bondi Beach, New South Wales
  • Nobby’s Beach, Queensland
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