The princely vodka we all needed

September 1, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Kavka – a premium vodka distilled and bottled in Poland – created by renowned restauranteur and Polish Prince, Jan Felix Michal Korybut Woroniecki, has launched in Australia. 

The result is a vodka with a depth, complexity and smoothness rarely found in modern spirits.

Kavka is reminiscent of how Polish Vodka used to taste in the days when every vodka was distinctive and every distillery had its own bold personality. 

The complex layers, make it incredibly versatile. Drinking it as a shot from the deep-freezer will highlight the apple tones, sipping it at room temperature will emphasise the plum notes. In a martini, it’s just rather fabulous.

This bold distinctive character has already won Kavka a Gold medal at the 2020 Warsaw Spirits competition.

The inspiration for Kavka came from Prince Woroniekci’s two decades of experience as a restaurateur. He has launched world-class restaurants in London – such as Wódka and Baltic – and after tasting hundreds of different vodkas during his time in hospitality he realised that most modern vodkas filtered out much of the taste and had lost the tradition of individuality. Using this as his inspiration, he created Kavka, a vodka with real character.

He says, “During Poland’s prohibition period in the early 20th century Kavka was the code for getting a drink in a restaurant, so it’s a slightly cheeky name that combined my love of Vodka and restaurants.

“For a long time the Vodka space has been overshadowed by innovative Gin makers and the growth in popularity of Tequila, Rum and Whiskey as drinkers look for personality in their spirits. Now it’s time to reinvigorate Vodka!”

Kavka Vodka is available to purchase at Dan Murphy’s and BWS nationally. 

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