The Plantation Rum Cup – it’s a team effort

July 5, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Plantation Rum has launched a trade competition open to all in the hospitality industry.

The Plantation Rum Cup is a team competition that can include all members of a venue who create or enhance the guests’ experience. The competition is divided into three stages:

  • Cocktail Promotion
  • Finalist Judging
  • Grand Final

A team is deinited as consisting of two team members and a maximum of three, including at least one bartender, and one person from another area of the venue – it could be a the chef, waiter, host – from any section of the hospitality industry.

Together, the team creates a Plantation Rum cocktail using rums from the Bartender Classics or the Signature Blends ranges and promotes it for a minimum of six weeks in the venue.

Points will be awarded based on:

  • Cocktail Sales (not bottle sales)
  • In-Venue & Social Media Promotion
  • Ingredients and recipe

Each cocktail will be made and judged in an off-location setting, to ensure a fair assessment is made to each recipe by all teams across Australia & New Zealand.

Finalists will be announced via the Plantation Rum Asia Pacific Facebook and Instagram page on 1 September.

The Grand Final will see one finalist (team) from each territory flown and accommodated during Sydney Bar Week. On Monday, 20 September, each team will compete against each other for the Plantation Rum Cup.

Plantation Rum sources rum from all over the world – from the Caribbean to South America and to Asia Pacific – with each rum in their the Bartender Classics and Signature Blends blended with a variety of terroirs and/or ages before being then rested in ex-Ferrand Cognac barrels to achieve a well-made rum.

For more information, visit here.

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