Digital ordering shown to improve revenue

January 13, 2021
By Melissa Parker

There is a new ritual in place when you drink or dine out, and all you need is a smartphone.

After arriving at your restaurant or bar of choice, compliance requirement number one is scan the venue QR code to check-in. Tick.

Next scan the QR code to browse the menu, make your selection and pay. With a tap and a swipe and a little help from credit card, GooglePay or ApplePay, your order is on its way.

Except for greetings upon arrival, the delivery of your food and drink is the first contact with venue staff.

It’s different; it’s efficient and never again will you be required to say, “Excuse me, waiter, I didn’t order that.”

Leading point-of-sale provider, Lightspeed has been front and centre for the hospitality industry as it pivoted to digital ordering systems , accelerated by the pandemic. 

Lightspeed’s technology has quickly normalised a trend and a 21st century way of interacting that is here to stay. An analysis of 10,000 venues using Lightspeed reveals that earnings for the venues using the system have increased by an average of ten per cent this past year.

“For a technology company, we were feeling that exact vibe from the industry from what we had planned and what we expected to build, suddenly changed. We had to provide solutions to help the industry survive tricky times and grow,” explained Simon Le Grand, Director of Marketing and Product Management for Lightspeed.

“What has fast-tracked the uptake is not only the minimising of physical interaction but the government mandating the check-ins, so every consumer over the past six months is now used to scanning the QR code. It has become habit, so the logical next step for consumers is sitting down and table ordering.

“It’s not for everybody, some venues have a brand aesthetic they like to preserve, people go there for the experience. It’s the same for some consumers who don’t want to involve their phone in their experience out, while others love the convenience of not having to get someone’s attention to place an order,” says Le Grand.

Developed with hospitality and COVID-compliance in mind, Lightspeed Ordering allows for digital ordering, order ahead, order-at-table, guest checkout and COVID check-in functions. An analysis of 10,000 venues using Lightspeed reveals that earnings for the venues using the system have increased by an average of ten per cent this past year.

It aims to ensure venues have the opportunity to run at a profit because it removes the need for manual reconciliation of orders, payments, minimises errors and significantly reduces staff costs while being COVID-safe compliant.

At a time when finding hospitality staff is difficult, this new technology has been a welcome development for many establishments, saving them time to source staff and money to employ them. It also allows the venue to engage their staff in other ways, such as having more meaningful interactions with patrons and building relationships.

Lightspeed data has revealed that tech-driven integrations can have a positive impact on venue profitability. Data collected since 1 April 2020 showed there was a 22% increase in average transaction value through Lightspeed Ordering systems compared to traditional channels.

“People are now thinking about the future, and aside from the technology there is a lot more consumer awareness about just how fragile this industry is.

“People understand how much they need to support the restaurants, cafes and bars that they love and that is a positive thing for the future in terms of the way consumers interact with the industry.”

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