The new Bowlo Draught is as local as you can get

April 15, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Sydney is getting a new beer. Matty Graham and Alex Light came together in 2020 after losing their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What else would they do? Secure a new role or chase a dream? They decided to not just chase a dream but to start a new business brewing beer with the intention of supporting their local bowling club.

“Bowlo Draught” was born as a brand to inspire all Australians to get behind their local Bowlo and help keep this great Aussie institution from going extinct.

Matty and Alex met working at Vice, and it is also fair to say they enjoy a beer and a bowl.

“I’ve been involved with my local Bowlo at Bondi for a few years now as a    volunteer director and member of our pennants team. During this time. I’ve seen small clubs struggle to stay alive due to COVID-19, declining revenues and dwindling membership bases. Sadly, some have been sold off or folded.

“When Alex and I started talking over a beer, we realised we  wanted to celebrate the value of the local clubs, the sense of community they provide, and to help this iconic Aussie identity stay alive” Matty stated.

“We decided to create a beer which is not only a bloody great beer but has the potential to help the bowling clubs in my local area survive. From there, the idea came to life and has snowballed, and we are hoping we can grow the brand to have a footprint in every bowling club in Australia, over time,” he continued.

A portion of the profits from every Bowlo Draught sold will go back to supporting local bowling clubs, helping them to keep their greens rolling long into the future.

Matty is a competitive bowler and a creative marketer by trade and was keen to make use of the time he now had available to him. Together with Alex, they hatched a plan to do some good while indulging in some of their favourite things.

“It is as much about enjoying a beer as it is about making a difference. Between us we have a bunch of experience building and growing brands, but it’s even better to make one of our own. It’s also been great learning about the other parts of the beer industry, and it’s something we’ve enjoyed doing together with Bowlo Draught,” he said.

Bowlo Draught will be launched in Sydney on Monday. 100% Australian owned and made from 100% Australian ingredients, Bowlo Draught is targeted at the contemporary beer drinker, as well as afficionados of an old school Aussie lager. With an alcohol volume of 4.2%, it’s approachable and refreshing. The kind of beer you want when you are toasting an opponent post bowl or catching up with your mates at the club.

Be one of the first in the world to blow the froth off a frosty Bowlo Draught at the launch this Sunday, 18 April from 3.00pm at Bondi Bowlo, 1 Warners Ave, Bondi Beach.

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