The must have for lovers of the Old Fashioned

July 16, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

The Gospel have launched their Melbourne made Whiskey Bitters, under sub-label The Dispensary. It is released as part of Rye July, a month-long celebration shining a light on whiskey made from rye grain and its complementary products. 

Blended by Old Fashioned fanatics with the intention of enhancing whiskey cocktails rather than diluting them, Whiskey Bitters contains the botanicals expected from traditional bitters with the added complexity of a whiskey base. 

Whiskey Bitters steeps orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, vanilla, star anise and other botanicals in barrel-strength Solera Rye, creating a unique and distinct bitters that complements the notes of rye whiskey. 

“All the botanicals selected for our Whiskey Bitters mirror the flavours we get from our Solera Rye. In an Old Fashioned cocktail, the bitters should serve to turn the flavours present in our rye whiskey up to 11,” says Lex Poulsen, Distiller at The Gospel. 

Traditionally, bitters are used to balance out the sweetness in cocktails and draw out complexity, for a more complete flavour profile. The Gospel Whiskey Bitters is the perfect companion in an Old Fashioned and other whiskey-forward cocktails, or simply serve in Australian favourite Lemon, Lime and Bitters. 

The Dispensary is a series of spirits made by and for The Gospel staff, and is complementary to or built from their 100% Australian Rye Whiskey. What started as an in-house flavour experiment, distilling for themselves and their weekend cocktails, has now been made available for everyone to enjoy. 

Whiskey Bitters is the third release under The Dispensary. It is now available on The Gospel distillery website from  with an RRP of $19 for 100ml.

The Perfect Old Fashioned
  • 60ml The Gospel Whiskey
  • 10ml Sugar Syrup
  • 4 drops The Dispensary Whiskey Bitters

Build all ingredients in a mixing glass, stir down with ice to the desired dilution and strain over fresh ice in a large rocks glass. Garnish with a large orange twist.

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