The Hunter region gets a beer for its people

April 15, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Steel City’s Full-Strength Australian Lager celebrates the crisp clean taste of a job done well.

Steel City Beer Company champions modern working-class culture and pays homage to the region’s industrious past from which the blue-collar spirit of the Hunter was forged.

The company’s founders include proud Novocastrians Kris and Danny Buderus, Andrew Johns, Trish and Matthew Johns, Brooke and Kurt Gidley, Eloise Boughton and Craig Anderson, Paula Miller and Matthew Hoy, Nina Graham and Ryan Callinan, Oliver Semken and Sophie and Ryan Ginns.

Steel City’s Managing Director Oliver Semken said:

“Our partnership with industry leader Lion and the godfather of Australian craft brewing Chuck Hahn puts us in a great position to make great beer and deliver it in a no-nonsense manner.

“The Hunter has a long history with the Tooheys brand, and they know the beer drinking needs of the people of the region better than most.

“Chuck Hahn has spent the last 50 years brewing and developing some of the country’s most loved brands and beers. His involvement has been crucial in ensuring Steel City’s products are of the highest quality.”

Brewmaster Dr Chuck Hahn said: “As a brewer for 50 years, I have had the opportunity to start up a number of breweries and create many distinctive ales and lagers.”

“An authentic story and an enthusiastic, competent team of individuals are essential aspects in setting up a new brewing business”.

“Newcastle has long been the epicentre of Australian manufacturing, and Steel City’s founders all have a meaningful connection to this region they call home.”

Hahn describes Steel City beers as “easy drinking, refreshing and highly sessionable”.

In a subtle nod to the Hunter’s golden era, Steel City will focus on living in the present, while celebrating everything great about Newcastle’s past.

Marketing Director Ryan Ginns added: “In today’s crowded beer market Steel City is a brand more in touch with culture than craft. It is a brand that delivers easy drinking beer, while recognising the unsung achievements of the hundreds of thousands of working-class people across the Hunter.”

Brand founder Matthew Johns said: “I’m so proud to be involved in Steel City. It tastes great and represents everything that is great about the Hunter region and its people.”

Steel City will establish its spiritual home in a local brewing presence this year, supporting a long history of quality products made within the region whilst creating new employment opportunities in the local area.

Steel City will initially be available exclusively on-tap in the Hunter region, with a pack release due later this month.

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