The Champagne Bureau kicks off tour of specialty workshops next week

July 28, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

Join Champagne Bureau director John Noble and Sommeliers Australia as they present a two day series of educational Champagne workshops in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide & Brisbane. The series of events will also have participation from the Champagne Bureau’s ‘Brains Trust’, all former Vin de Champagne Award winners.

The workshops will show a mix of six specially selected Champagne cuvees in each session to focus on the key aspects of Champagne terroirs and production.

Each workshop will feature a single facet of Champagne and is an opportunity to drill down into the terroirs of the appellation and the grape varietals and vinification techniques used in the production of Champagne. 

The sessions will also explore the most up to date and accurate information regarding the region’s implementation of sustainable practices and adaptations for a changing climate.

The popularity of Champagne in Australia is on the rise. Imports increased by 16.5 per cent in volume and 26.8 per cent in value over the past year and this upwards trend has so far continued. Suffice to say, it has never been more important for wine professionals be educated in the art of Champagne making.

The Champagne Bureau’s John Noble told Drinks Trade: “The national Champagne Workshops are a new concept for us – Champagne sales in Australia are doing exceptionally well, and we have decided to go all out and show some of the most interesting Champagne currently available in Australia.

“We’ve always supplied Champagne information and hosted tastings for professionals in our market – Sommeliers, Bartenders, Retailers and Champagne importers, but these structured tastings allow us to drill down into some of the more interesting elements that make Champagne so unique.

“Australians are very educated about most wines, but these sessions really take that knowledge further and include a focus on the three main grape varieties and blends of Champagne, the Champagne Terroirs and unique techniques used throughout the production of Champagne. The aim is to show Champagne might be one PLACE, but is not just one style of wine.”

The workshops kick off in Melbourne on Monday.


Day 1 | Monday 1st August

  • 11am: Champagne Production
  • 1pm: Meunier
  • 3pm: Pinot Noir

Day 2 | Tuesday 2nd August

  • 11am: Champagne Terroirs
  • 1pm: Chardonnay
  • 3pm: Champagne Rosé

$45 each or $90 for a full day of 3 workshops.

Cumulus Inc.
45 Flinders Ln, Melbourne

Adelaide: Friday, 12 August at Lion Hotel, 161 Melbourne Street, Adelaide

Day 1 | Monday 15th August

11am: Champagne Production
1pm: Meunier
3pm: Pinot Noir
Tuesday 16th August:

Day 2 | Tuesday 16th August

11am: Champagne Terroirs
1pm: Chardonnay
3pm: Champagne Rosé
$45 each, or $90 for a full day of 3 workshops.

Franca + Parlar
81 Macleay St, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia

Brisbane: 19 September: Blackbird – Cellar Room, Lvl 1, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane

Please note: these workshops are available strictly for Sommeliers Australia members and professionals working in the wine and hospitality industry only. If you have any questions regarding the Champagne Bureau Workshops of your eligibility to attend, please do not hesitate to contact 

The workshops are designed to give an insider view into Champagne – for both seasoned Champagne professionals or those just discovering an interest in the wine of Champagne. It is also recommended to enrol in the Comité Champagne education platform at  

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