Taylors Wines Paves the Future with Innovative Thermal Label

January 24, 2015
By Alana House

Taylors Wines has developed a new and innovative label that is able to tell its consumers when the wine has reached the correct temperature for consumption, paving the way for future thermal technology within the industry.

After discovering that the majority of Australian wine drinkers serve white wine straight from the fridge, and 1 in 5 even from the freezer, Taylors decided it was important to come up with a label that could tell the consumer when the temperature of the wine is right for consumption.

“It’s very important to get the temperature right, because too warm, and the more rich flavours of the wine will dominate, making the wine taste a little bit blousy in the glass, yet if the wine is too cold, those flavours will shrink down and the acids in the wine will make the wine taste really quite mean. Getting that temperature right is all about having the wine in harmony; the problem with that is knowing the temperature, without having a thermometer”, Neil Hadley, Taylors Wines Export Manager and Master of Wine explains.

The temperature sensitive panel features on the back of the label, alongside a colour chart. Through the use of thermochromic ink, as the temperature of the wine changes, so does the panel, allowing consumers to compare the colour with the colour chart, which indicates when the wine is too warm or too cold, and when the wine is the right temperature for consumption – 6-8 degrees celsius for aromatic whites.

The new label is currently available on Taylors Estate Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc wines. For more information contact your Taylors Wines representative.

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