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Sydney’s 24 hour economy plan in motion

September 28, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

A 24 Hour Economy Advisory Group has been appointed to support the state government’s strategy to drive investment opportunities, employment and night-time business activity once restrictions lift across the city in October.

The group is made up of 40 representatives from the hospitality, arts and culture, sport, live performance, local government and retail industries, among others.

The drinks industry and hospitality sector will be represented by:

  • Justine Baker, Chief Executive, Night Time Industries Association
  • John Green, Director, AHA New South Wales
  • Gregory Holland, Chief Executive, Spirits & Cocktails Australia
  • Greg Hawkins, Chief Casino Officer, The Star Entertainment Group
  • Antony Jones, Chief Commercial Officer, Merivale
  • Wes Lambert, Chief Executive, Restaurants & Catering Australia
  • Jason Roberson, Executive Chef, Australian Venue Co
  • Karl Schlothauer, CEO House of Pocket, Independent Bars Assoc NSW | YCK Laneways
  • Elliot Solomon, Chief Executive, Solotel

Michael Rodrigues was appointed 24-Hour Economy Commissioner in February this year.

He told The Sydney Morning Herald that the group represent the absolute best of the sector, describing it as “our own Justice League dedicated to bringing fun and enjoyment back to our communities and supporting businesses and staff who have had an incredibly difficult 18 months.”

The group will focus on bringing a vibrant nightlife back to the city, increasing the diversity of night-time activities and promoting Sydney as a global 24-hour economy.

“I’m a big fan of the pub, and can’t wait to grab a beer at my local, but we also need attractions that don’t necessarily revolve around alcohol, be they night markets, live performance or retail,” he said.

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