Starward Fortis

Starward releases Fortis whisky

July 30, 2020
By Alana House

Starward has released a fourth addition to its core range, Fortis.

The first higher strength release – at 50% alcohol (ABV), Fortis offers a pure expression of Starward’s signature red wine barrel maturation and will be released in small batches.

The whisky is matured in 100% American Oak wine barrels, predominately from the Barossa Valley, which is famed for its powerful and bold red wines. Fortis’ distinct attributes come from these freshly emptied red wine barrels and the American oak char.

It’s described as being gramed by its rich mouthfeel, enhanced vanillin and toasted oak characteristics, while balancing the intense wine flavours that have soaked in.

Starward Founder David Vitale said: “Fortis is the culmination of years of experience and experimentation both in whisky and wine. We are the global whisky experts in wine barrel maturation. Having access to amazing barrels on our doorstep and leaning on the talents of the winemakers on our team means we can really celebrate what it means to be an Australian whisky.

“This full bodied, full flavoured whisky – while quite different to our other releases – still shows all the hallmarks of our core range. Like our other whiskies it delivers on the promise of a distinctly Australian Whisky, one we offer the world with pride. I can’t wait to share each batch’s nuances and variations that bring to life our innovative spirit and the depth of barrels we source from Aussie winemakers.”

Starward Fortis

Fortis Batch 1 is a limited release, available in a 700mL bottle for RRP $129. The first batch release of Fortis will be available exclusively through the Starward website, from Monday, August 3.

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