Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge serves up $60 cocktails

June 5, 2019
By Alana House

Would you line up for 90 minutes and pay $60 for a cocktail at Oga’s Cantina in Disneyland’s new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge park.

That was the scenario facing visitors to the newly opened theme park in California last week.

It’s the first time alcoholic beverages have been available at Disneyland and the prices are out of this world. They run from $17 for a beer on tap to $60 for a Yub Nub cocktail with a collectible Endor mug and $107 for a beer flight on a souvenir board with Rancor teeth.

Hyperdrive, Yub Nub and beer flight at Oga's Cantina.

There’s cider on tap, too, called the Spice Runner ($16), plus chardonnay for $18.50 a glass.

Non-alcoholic juices and coffee drinks cost from $8.50 for Hyperdrive punch to $46 for a drink with a Porg mug.

OK, those are the prices in Aussie dollars, which are about as valuable as Monopoly money in the US at the moment, but still …

Alcoholic drinks menu at Oga's Cantina.

What’s bugging people more than the drinks bill is how hard it is to get one.

Here’s an example of one disgruntled tweet: “My favorite scene of Episode IV A New Hope is when Obi Wan takes Luke to the Cantina and there are 200 people in line outside, and Obi Wan is like “where is the end of the line” and they’re like “the line is closed for the day” and it’s 8am.”

The interior of Oga's Cantina.

Oga’s Cantina generated hours-long standby lines in its first few days of operation and Disneyland was forced to turn away patrons on opening day. It’s now introduced a system where it texts customers to let them know when there’s space available in the wildly popular bar.

Visitors then return to stand in a “buffer queue” with a wait time of approximately 15 minutes, according to Disneyland officials.

The new text message return system for Oga’s Cantina was implemented over the weekend. Bar patrons are limited to 45 minutes in the cantina and a two-drink maximum.

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