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Sparkling canned wine leads sales in Australia

July 24, 2019
By Alana House

Data from IRI* shows sparkling wine accounts for more than two-thirds of canned wine dollar sales in Australia.

According to IRI, over the last two years, canned liquor products have added more than $615million in growth to the Australian market, with overall dollar growth contribution derived from cans being four times higher than glass bottles.

Across comparable categories, year-on-year canned liquor growth is outpacing bottles, with beer and wine the standout categories for the rate of growth being recorded.

“Supplier and retailer backing is providing momentum for canned wine sales locally,” said IRI Insights Director Daniel Bone.

“A collective industry push underpins an 185% year-on-year uplift in canned wine SKUs in Australia.”

The top four canned wines in Australia are currently T’Gallant Spritz Moscato Pink, Squealing Pig Spritz Rose, T’Gallant Spritz Prosecco at No.3 and Squealing Pig Spritz Pinot Gris, all owned by Treasury Wine Estates, all in the sparkling canned wine segment.

Kylie Farquhar, TWE NSW/ACT Sales Manager told Drinks Trade: “We are giving people an opportunity to potentially move away from the dominance of beer and into canned wine as an alternative.”

She believes the company’s canned wine strategy will drive wine into more occasions and more foot traffic into stores and venues by inspiring new consumers into the wine market.

According to Bone, wine cans are convenient, portable, durable, and chill faster. They’re also eco-friendly: less energy to produce and transport.

“They also offer more ‘real estate’ for creative design aesthetics in bottle shops,” he said.

Bone added canned wine allows retailers to optimise shelf space and command a price premium; while consumers, especially cash strapped millennials and Gen Z, appreciate the lower price point involved in purchasing individual cans versus bottles.

Dan Murphy’s head of wine said he expects sales of canned wine to grow exponentially in the liquor chain.

George Radman told News Corp last year: “Our customers have embraced wine in a can due to its convenience. These products are lighter, typically less expensive and more portable than bottled wine. Based on the growth of canned craft beer over the last few years we have already seen a huge shift in consumer attitudes, it’s now recognised that a can doesn’t mean compromising on quality.”

While there’s still a legacy stigma to canned wine, with it seen as a ‘bogan vessel’ by some, Bone said retailers and suppliers should take advantage of the growing acceptance of cans and “actively grow the share of brand portfolio/ in store merchandising space accounted for by cans”.

Jacob's Creek Moscato; sparkling canned wine

Pernod Ricard agrees, with Eric Thomson, Pernod Ricard Australia Marketing Director, noting: “We are seeing Australian consumers driving demand for new innovative pack formats in wine; and cans seem to be leading this trend.” 

Pernod Ricard has launched Jacob’s Creek Moscato in cans in Australia last year, following its success in the Canadian market.

According to Pernod Ricard, the style of the wine can be described as: “A deliciously refreshing ‘frizzante’ style wine delicately spritzed with vibrant sherbet flavours and balanced with lively summer fruit sweetness.”

IRI celebrates our most distinctive brand at Australian Drinks Awards

IRI is sponsoring the Most Distinctive Brand category at the 2019 Australian Drinks Awards.

One of three consumer judged awards at the Australian Drinks Awards, alongside Fan Favourite and Most Improved Brand of the Year, it will celebrate individuality and character as it is perceived by the consumer across wine, cider, beer, RTDs and spirits.

The winners will be judged via a survey of 4000 target consumers conducted by Thrive Insights.

The Australian Drinks Awards will be held in Sydney, on August 22, 2019.

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For more information on sparkling canned wine, contact IRI at

*(MAT To 05/05/19)

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