South Australian Government offers financial support to growers affected by wine glut 

April 10, 2024
By Cody Profaca

South Australian State Government has announced it will be providing direct financial support to grape growers impacted by the current oversupply of red wine grapes. 

The government will offer this assistance in the form of immediate grants of up to $1,500. The grants will be made available via the Rural Business Support Relief Fund and are designed to help accommodate routine costs of impacted grape growing businesses.

“We have been listening to the concerns raised by wine grape growers in the Riverland and across the state,” said Clare Scriven, South Australia’s minister for primary industries.

“This additional funding to assist grape growers help cover routine costs through this challenging season continues our strong commitment to South Australia’s growers and local industries that underpin regional communities.

“The support work through Rural Business Support will provide assistance to the wine industry which has been heavily impacted by disrupted market conditions and global over-supply.”

A further $60,000 in State Government funding will also be invested into Rural Business Support to increase the scope of its Rural Financial Counselling Services for the wine and viticulture sector.  It has also recently announced a $1.85 million package to assist the re-entry of South Australian wine into China following the removal of tariffs on March 28. 

“Following my visit with a delegation of wine businesses to China last month, and the strong work of Premier Peter Malinauskas, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Federal Ministers Don Farrell and Penny Wong, I was delighted to see the lifting of the tariffs from China on Australian bottled wine,” said Scriven.

“The removal of tariffs has been welcomed by our grape-growers and wine industry. The State Government is also supporting the wine and viticulture industry through a $1.85m re-engagement package that will assist the industry re-position South Australia as a market leader in China.”

The government of South Australia also recently provided $300,000 to Riverland Wine to support the development of its Industry Blueprint Implementation Plan 2024. Riverland has been one of the regions most affected by Australia’s current wine glut, which was brought to the limelight when Riverland growers staged a protest in early February. 

Notable goals of Riverland Wine’s Industry Blueprint Implementation Plan include: 

  • Recovering the value of high-volume grape and wine production in the region to profitable levels. Recognition that region is experiencing exceptional circumstances.
  • Diversifying the economic base of the regions wine sector and building premium brands and experiences. 
  • Exit package of $4,000 per hectare to remove vines up to 3,000ha across region
  • Establish taskforce to return stock to balance within 2-years and build in future resilience

For more information or to access support, visit PIRSA – Grape and Wine

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