Sophie Monk Jimmy Brings

Sophie Monk gets in a twist for Jimmy Brings

May 7, 2020
By Alana House

Sophie Monk has created a series of promo videos for Jimmy Brings, filled with funny iso moments featuring the drinks delivery service.

In the first video, the Aussie star gets her limbs in a twist while trying the ‘Aussie pretzel’ yoga move, before opening the door for her wine delivery – stuck in the yoga pose.

In the second video, Monk tries her hand at vegetable carving to recreate her dream guest Keanu Reeves, completing his look with a slab of red cabbage leaves, yellow squash and chilli – and then enjoying a pink gin cocktail with her finished work of art.

Sophie Monk Jimmy Brings

In the third video, she gets into DIY beauty grooming in preparation for an online date, and opens the door to her Jimmy Brings delivery with facial hair strips all over her face.

The videos are being launched today as part of a digital advertising and TV campaign to promote Jimmy Brings.

“It was a no-brainer for us to work with Sophie Monk on these videos – she’s cheeky, entertaining and delivers the goods, just like we do!” said Jimmy Brings Head of Marketing, Jamie Gagliardi.

Monk has more than 580,000 followers on Instagram and is currently hosting a new TV series with comedian Nick Cody called Accidental Heroes. It features viral clips and funny moments caught on camera, similar to popular past series Funniest Home Videos.

BACARDÍ also recently collaborated with Jimmy Brings and talent from some of Sydney’s most beloved bars to home deliver Mojito packs to consumers.

Leading bartenders from iconic bars Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Swinging Cat, Stitch Bar and Double Deuce Lounge came together in a short video to demonstrate how to recreate the classic mojito and inspire those at home.

Click here to watch the video

Jimmy Brings is now delivering to over 800 suburbs nationwide.

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