Fraser Short and Laundy family snap up iconic Lennox Hotel

February 16, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Fraser Short and the Laundy family have partnered in another pub purchase, this time acquiring the iconic Lennox Hotel near Byron Bay.

For a reported $40 million, the consortium made the regional investment, purchasing the beachfront venue from the Campbell and Lister families who had owned the property for over a decade

“The Lennox presented itself as an unmissable asset so we joined together
with our long-term partners, the Laundy family,” Short said.

The two parties also co-own Watsons Bay Hotel in Sydney and The Farm in Byron Bay.

Andrew Jolliffe, from HTL Property, brokered the deal of beachfront property. He said, “Stu (Laundy) and Fraser understand the infrequency of rare opportunity; and when presented by the chance to own a generational asset such as this one, mobilized with blinding efficiency.”

The two-storey hotel sits on the corner of Pacific Parade and Byron Street about a 25-minute drive from Byron Bay.

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