Shoplifters using prams to steal alcohol

May 3, 2019
By Alana House

Liquor store staff are being warned to watch out for shoplifters using prams to conceal their thefts.

On Easter Sunday, two women were seen on CCTV taking spirits off a shelf at Dan Murphy’s in Dubbo, before placing them in a pram.

Meanwhile, a 26-year-old woman faced Geelong Magistrates’ Court this week, where she pleaded guilty to two counts of shop theft and failure to answer bail.

The woman was charged with putting alcohol into her baby’s pram after walking into Dan Murphy’s with her partner.

The court was told she took her baby out of the pram and passed him to her co-accused. She then grabbed a bottle of bourbon and wrapped it in a blanket before stuffing it under the stroller and hid a can of rum under her armpit.

She walked out with $131.37 of alcohol and was later arrested and interviewed. During the interview she told police she stole the alcohol to save money.

Minimum floor blamed for increase in shoplifting in Scotland

It’s been a year since Scotland introduced minimum floor to push up the price of cheap, high-alcohol products.

Bottle shop owner Sachin Patel told the BBC he has concerns that the new law has led to an increase in shoplifters and violence against retailers.

“If someone wants alcohol, they’re going to beg, borrow or steal,” he said. “The retailers are taking the brunt.”

Meanwhile an alcoholic called Danny told the BBC he has seen an increase in shoplifters since the new law was introduced, saying he can get a bottle of stolen vodka for £5 on the black market.

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