Shiny, sparkly and fabulous at fifty

May 7, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Much-loved Australian sparkling wine, Yellowglen, is turning 50 and the milestone will be marked in partnership with enduring Australian fashion and entertainment icon, Dannii Minogue who will also celebrate her 50th birthday in October.

As Australia’s most popular sparkling*, Yellowglen has become synonymous with Australian celebration. Each year their dazzling outdoor advertisements are among the first to herald the arrival of the summer season and coming festive season. Yellowglen celebrates spontaneous moments, big or small.

Friend of Yellowglen, Dannii Minogue says, “Yellowglen is an icon of Australian celebration, a brand that stands for joy and has inspired generations of Australians with its approachable, fun-loving style.”

Treasury Wine Estates Marketing and Category Director, Ben Culligan says, “Throughout its 50 years, Yellowglen has long been the social butterfly of Australian wine. Its fun-loving approach paired with sparkling expertise is what has made it so popular.”  

Yellowglen was founded in 1971 by Ian Home, the savvy businessman with a kind spirit, a love for Champagne, a vision for innovation and a desire to create something truly Australian. It wasn’t expensive and exclusive imported French Champagne, yet it wasn’t cheap and nasty local sparkling. It was a brand new era of sparkling.  And from this, Yellowglen was born.

Yellowglen 50 Years Celebration Brut Cuvée is a crisp and refreshing style of sparkling with dry, refined flavours. 

Yellowglen’s limited edition 50 Years of Celebration Yellow & Pink Brut Cuvée is available nationally now for $12 RRP, in all good liquor retailers. 

*Yellowglen Colours #1 sparking by volume AZTEC data (AU Liq Unwtd MAT 14.02)

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