Seadrift pushed back by COVID outbreak on Northern Beaches

January 7, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Seadrift Distillery, Australia’s first non-alcohol distillery, opened its doors to the public on Wednesday, 2 December but sadly had to retreat two weeks later when after Sydney’s Northern Beaches went into lockdown on 19 December.

While Seadrift continues to manage the online sales of the non-alcoholic spirit via their distribution centre in Mona Vale, founder Carolyn Whiteley remains hopeful that if restrictions are lifted on Saturday, 9 January, she and husband, Alastair, will be able to leave their home in the northern region of the Northern Beaches to open the Brookvale based distillery to the public once again on Monday.

The couple released their non-alcoholic spirit, made with locally sourced seaweed two years ago and have been selling Seadrift online since January 2019. But it is at the distillery’s cellar door where the Whiteley’s are able to meet face to face with their customers, host tasting events and educate people on the distillation process and the fresh ingredients that are used.

“The seaweed hits the back of the palette, in the same way that a spirit does,” says Whiteley, “The flavour doesn’t just fade away. The people who visited us in those first two weeks were surprised and supportive.”

“Seadrift is the perfect beverage for anyone looking for a non-alcoholic option without missing out on the social aspects of drinking,” says Alastair Whiteley, “It is an adult alternative to soft drinks with no calories, no sugar and no judgement.”

Seadrift is created through the traditional distillation process that has been used for centuries to create spirits such as gin and vodka. Seadrift uses only freshly cut and locally sourced ingredients each day, with the seaweed foraged from local Mona Vale beach and the coriander and lime supplied by the best local growers around Sydney. It is a true craft process that celebrates its origins on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

The Seadrift Distillery is located at 12 Sydneyham Rd, Brookvale. It is hoped that tastings will be able to be offered again from the end of January. For updates on plans to re-open and bookings, visit:

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