Seadrift Distillery releases Wild Hibiscus Pink Coastal Non-Alcoholic Gin.

July 5, 2022
By Melissa Parker

Australia’s first non-alcoholic distillery, Seadrift, has released the Wild Hibiscus Pink Coastal non-alcoholic gin.

Pink gin is enjoying a purple patch, and the team at Seadrift Distillery has launched its natural non-alcoholic option for Dry July. The new Wild Hibiscus is distilled from juniper berries and fresh botanicals, including fresh basil and rosemary and infused with wild hibiscus flowers.

Alastair and Carolyn Whiteley launched Seadrift in 2019 when the non-alcoholic drinks sector was taking off. Seadrift opened Sydney’s first non-alcoholic bar, So-Bar, last year and will host a series of events in Dry July.

“Wild Hibiscus, like our Classic and Coast spirits, has been distilled in a small-batch run in traditional copper pot stills at our distillery here in Brookvale. The fresh hibiscus flowers give our non-alcoholic gin a lovely pink colour which looks beautiful and is completely natural and tastes delicious,” says Seadrift co-founder Alastair Whiteley.

Carolyn Whiteley says a massive shift is happening in Australia’s drinking culture, with the non-alcoholic sector rapidly increasing in response to a spike in sober-curious attitudes.

“More and more Australians are looking for premium quality non-alcoholic options, so expanding this category has been our priority. Like any category, there should be options and flavours for everyone. Our new Wild Hibiscus release is unique to the market and can be enjoyed in a number of ways.”

Seadrift Wild Hibiscus opens on sweet tropical notes of hibiscus flowers and freshly torn basil leaves. This evolves into the familiar spicy pepper notes of juniper berries and fresh finish.

Seadrift Wild Hibiscus is available via the Seadrift Distillery online store.

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