Saving the planet one wine at a time

October 7, 2020
By Melissa Parker

South Australian wine brand Banrock Station has been flying the conservation flag for some time and is now reaping the rewards of environmentally conscious consumers with its new vegan range.

The new David Attenborough documentary A Life on our Planet is said to be the most terrifying horror movie of 2020, but the 94-year-old says we are not too late to make a change if we act now.

There exists so many of us who want to act now. Consumers, for example, are voting with their hearts and minds when it comes to brands that leave a lighter footprint.

Over one third say they would pay more to go with eco-friendly products that deliver environmental and sustainable solutions. According to a recent Roy Morgan shopper survey, a staggering 90 per cent of consumers expect businesses to do more.[1]

For over 20 years Banrock Station has committed to environmental causes and contributed an impressive $6 million to planet conserving projects.

Since 1996 the Banrock Station Trust contributed to over 130 environmental preservation projects across 13 countries including protecting turtles in the Great Barrier Reef to the polar bear and orangutan rehabilitation. Then there is the Banrock Station’s Wetland project, a thriving and protected habitat for birds and animals that plays a vital role in the water health of the Murray River.

The latest in the brand’s conservation canon is a progression to 100 per cent vegan wines launched through the Every Drop Matters campaign. The new range and campaign speak directly to Banrock Station’s core value of sustainability.

Banrock Station, chief winemaker, Paul Burnett said the shift towards producing vegan wines had been a gradual process.

“We have always assessed the suitability of implementing vegan practices, and 2020 was the ideal time to launch the vegan range. Through careful winemaking selection, we identified the suitable vegan tools to produce and prepare our wines to the same high standards and levels of quality associated with our environmental brand, ” Mr Burnett said.

“Through sustainable vineyard practices, wastewater management and best practice in the winery, we were successful in the transition to vegan production,” Mr Burnett continued.

Banrock Station Vegan Wine Range

He reiterated the importance of sustainability to Banrock Station’s vision and goal but said the quality and taste of the wine is of equal priority.

“The aim as winemakers is still to deliver bright, varietal, flavoursome white wines that are fresh and vibrant. The reds still desire to be framed by balanced fruit tannin and gentle oak.” Mr Burnett explained.

“The transition has been to move away from the reliance on traditional finishing tools (egg and milk to assist in the softening of the wines before bottling) and embrace plant and potato-based finings tactics. The plant and potato-based finings agents have worked wonderfully and allowed us to create wines we are immensely proud of.”

Banrock Station vegan wines are available in major and independent retailers nationally in 750 ml and 1-litre bottles starting at RRP $10 and 2 L casks from December with an RRP of $16. The remainder of the core range will transition to vegan from the 2021 Vintage.

[1] Roy Morgan; ABS; IRI Shopper Panel Survey 2018 and 2019; Lightspeed/Mintel “White Spirits and RTDs” report, UK, January 2020

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