RTDs repackaged as Ampersand adopts sleek aluminium bottle design

March 23, 2021
By siteadmin

On Wednesday, Ampersand Projects will be releasing an industry first – their new 355ml Aluminium bottle. This will be the first of its kind with a 30mm bottle opening for consumers to “add whatever you want”. This innovative design will keep the beverage colder for longer, is re-sealable and 100% recyclable.

From Vodka Soda & to their Pink Gin Soda &, this local beverage business has found success in Australia where it launched in 2018mby reinforcing the company value of providing beverages that can be easily added to, enhanced and experimented with, by consumers. The term “add whatever you want” is a common tagline in their marketing campaigns.

Minimalistic in design and ingredients, Ampersand Projects was founded by Shaun Rankins, Alex Bottomley and Marcus Kellett. The business has found success despite pressures of competition and a global pandemic. Ampersand were the the first in Australia to launch a ready to drink (RTD) of the classic Vodka and Soda in a can. They now boast a strong line up of products including their very own line of Gin and Vodka spirits, all of which have brought their company a strong national presence.

In keeping with a consumer – focused business model, Ampersand Projects has not only developed a range of beverages and pack-types to suit their consumers, but has also been successful in developing a cult-like following and strong presence online.

Moreover, Ampersand Projects has won back to back, annual “Best Entrepreneurial Business” awards and most recently been crowned champions in manufacturing at the Australian Small Business Awards 2020.

From Wednesday, Vodka Soda &, BL&CK, Gin Soda & and Pink Gin Soda & will be available in the Aluminium Bottles online and at independent bottle shops right around Australia.

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