Retiree Deputy CEO of Foster’s Group has Passed Away

March 27, 2015
By Alana House
Retiree Deputy CEO of Foster’s Group, Nuno D’Aquino, has passed away. D’Aquino retired from Foster’s in 2001 and finally lost his battle with a long-term illness over the weekend.

D’Aquino began his career with the brewery as a laboratory technician in 1959 and remained with Foster’s for 42 years, during which he was also Managing Director of the group.

CUB veteran David Clancey said, remembering D’Aquino: “I remember he called me into his office after I moved interstate from Adelaide. He wanted to make sure I was okay and said that frequent moves can be hard, especially for kids – he reminded me to put family first.”

While CUB’s James Houston said D’Aquino had enormous drive and was an integral part of the Yatala Brewery acquisition.

“I had enormous respect for him and I learnt over time that he had a deep care for his people”, Houston said.

Additionally, Judy Barnesby said D’Aquino was a greatly respected brewer who led cutting edge initiatives, which helped shape the future of CUB brewing.

He oversaw breakthroughs in technology, which saw the introduction of new beer styles such as Carlton Cold and Foster’s Light Ice.

“He will be remembered fondly by brewery employees as someone who worked his way up the ladder and encouraged others to do the same”, former CUB colleague Bernie Goulding said.

D’Aquino leaves behind his wife Bev, their two children, partners and two grandchildren. drinks bulletin would like to extend its deepest sympathy to family, friends and colleagues of D’Aquino.
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