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Recycled paper wine bottle launched

July 1, 2020
By Alana House

A paper wine bottle made from 94% recycled materials has been launched by UK packaging company Frugalpac.

According to Frugalpac, the recycled paper wine bottle weighs just 83gm, which makes it up to five times lighter than a normal glass bottle.

It contains a food-grade liner to hold the wine or spirit, which can be recycled by removing the plastic liner from the bottle and putting it in the respective recycling bins, or the liner can be removed in the paper pulping process.

The bottle can also hold spirits such as gin, vodka and rum. The first company to use it is Italian winemaker Cantina Goccia, which has released 3Q, an unwooded Sangiovese red with a hint of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cantina Goccia owner Ceri Parke said: “We’re delighted to be making history with the most sustainable wine bottle in the world.

“For us, the Frugal Bottle is about achieving a considerably more sustainable form of packaging for an industry crying out for innovation. It will help us decarbonise the drinks industry.

 “When some of our top hotel customers saw samples of our paper wine bottle, there was no hesitation in their minds that this type of bottle would be well received in their dining rooms. The launch of the Frugal Bottle is a big leap in sustainability without compromising wine quality.

“It’s much lighter than glass, easier to transport and friendlier to the planet. Just as important, our wine still tastes as wonderful in a paper bottle as it does in glass.

“We passionately believe this is a real game changer for the wine industry, allowing us to sell and transport our award-winning wines in a much more sustainable way whilst still providing a beautiful bottle.” 

Frugal bottle

Frugalpac chief executive Malcolm Waugh added: “Our mission is to design, develop and supply sustainable packaging. The Frugal Bottle is up to five times lighter than a glass bottle, has a carbon footprint up to six times lower and is easy to recycle again.

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from people who’ve trialled the Frugal Bottle. As well as the superior environmental benefits, it looks and feels like no other bottle you have seen.”

The Frugal Bottle is also under active consideration by a number of leading UK supermarket chains and hospitality groups keen to promote sustainable packaging and will be available from other retail outlets across the UK, in Denmark, and Holland over the next few weeks.

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