Range Brewing wholesale volumes quadruple

July 27, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

With wholesale volumes quadrupling this past year, award-winning Queensland brewer Range Brewing is now implementing its strategy to accelerate wholesale operations, ditching credit apps in favour of quality control guidelines with their wholesale customers.

Winners of the Champion Australian Independent Beer trophy at The Indies in 2020, Range Brewing has opted to partner with Kaddy which is set to launch its trade platform in Queensland this week. Kaddy currently operates New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT. Range plans to migrate their current Queensland trade customers onto Kaddy as their wholesale channel of choice.

In the partnership, Range Brewing will take advantage of Kaddy’s new ‘Keep It Cool’ program – guidelines that suppliers can now provide to venues regarding cold storage and handling.

“We’re incredibly passionate about delivering the highest quality beer possible, which is why we require it to be shipped, stored and served at controlled temperatures,” says Range Brewing co-founder Gerard Martin.

“Kaddy ensures those guidelines are being met by our wholesale customers, which takes one less stress away from running our business.”

The simple to follow guidelines will not only ensure wholesale channels are in line with Range Brewing’s own meticulous standards but will also educate venues on dealing with time and temperature-sensitive beers like Range Brewing’s.

“Kaddy is used by some of Australia’s most passionate craft-focussed venues and retailers to access the best quality suppliers in the country,” says Rich Coombes, co-founder of Kaddy.

“We don’t just want to make it easy to connect with producers like Range Brewing – we want to recognise the respect that trade customers have for the product and make sure it reaches the consumer as fresh as possible. That’s more important than fluffing about with credit apps.”

“With an ever-evolving range, we needed a platform where we could quickly add new products weekly,” says Mr Martin, “The ease of Kaddy allows us to reach and sell to wholesale customers with a few simple clicks each week.”

Trade customers across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT can now connect with Range Brewing by creating a free Kaddy account in just a few minutes.

Kaddy currently boasts 350 suppliers and services 1,350 retailers and hospitality operators.

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