Raise A Glass to Australia’s Soldiers and Veterans

April 1, 2015
By Alana House
Victoria Bitter (VB) has released this year’s Raise A Glass TVC in support of Australia’s soldiers and veterans, raising funds and awareness for the welfare programs of the Returned Services League (RSL) and Legacy.

Each year, VB promotes its Raise A Glass Appeal in the lead up to ANZAC Day to raise money for the two charities. To date, the appeal has raised almost $6 million, today one of the single biggest contributors to veteran welfare in Australia.

The TVC was filmed at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance and highlights the contribution the 16th Battalion AIF made at Gallipoli; the 16th Battalion suffered heavy losses during a hellish fire fight at Bloody Angle on the hills of Gallipoli.

First-hand accounts talk about the men singing as they went into battle despite the treacherous conditions. Of the 600 in the Battalion, 338 young men were killed in the Gallipoli campaign. A cast of 338 men were used – one representing each of those fallen men.

Alongside the appeal, as with every year, VB will in addition give $1 million to the RSL and Legacy.

“By stopping to remember those who have served in recent and past battles we commemorate the sacrifice that Australia’s servicemen and servicewomen have made for us – it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are drinking,” Carlton & United Breweries’ Craig Maclean said.

“We’re incredibly proud to support both the RSL and Legacy Australia, and to help make people aware of the important work that both organisations do.”

Others can donate at raiseaglass.com.au.

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