Nigel gathering

Pub sets world record for largest gathering of Nigels

September 29, 2019
By Alana House

Forget Nigel No Friends, 432 Nigels have gathered at a UK pub to celebrate their unique name.

Publican Nigel Smith (above), from the Fleece Inn in Bretforton, got the idea for the gathering when he heard the name was dying out. He told The Sun he was “a bit shocked” when he heard that no babies were named Nigel in 2016.

“In the year I was born, 1963, there were over 5000 Nigels born. It was peak Nigel,” he said.

“So it was really just to get a few Nigels together in the same room, share stories and celebrate our Nigelness – that was the original intention.”

One guest even travelled from Texas for the party, which included music and comedy by two blokes called Nigel and four specially brewed ales.

Nigel ales

Attendees brought photo ID and signed a book to make a list for Guinness World Records verification.

Anyone who arrived with ID to prove their status was rewarded with a free pint and badge.

“We raised money for the British Heart Foundation — because us Nigels are getting to a certain age,” the publican added.

Nigel gathering

There was even a seven month old Nigel there, proving the name isn’t quite extinct yet.

“I think we’ve brought it back,” the publican said. “We will resurge – there’ll be a lot more Nigels next year than this year, I’d definitely put money on that.

“And we’ve just taken away a little bit of that stigma and reaffirmed what a fantastic name Nigel is – once you’ve grown into it. It takes a little while.”

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