Proof Drinks’ first year of business is a $2m year

May 3, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

Almost year since launching in Australia, distributor Proof Drinks has hit $2 million in revenue and is forecasting year on year growth of 100 per cent over the next five years.

Starting with one founder in April 2021, the team has grown to ten; a team which the business says will support its “ambitious growth trajectory”.

Proof Drinks Operations Director, Craig Dearden believes that its success to date is fed by the growing Australian consumer interest in sustainable and authentic beverages.

Mr Dearden says, “Before launching Proof Drinks in Australia last year, we observed the rising trends in similar markets overseas, where we saw consumers opting for brands that put sustainability and authenticity at the forefront of their product values…[and] we predicted similar consumer trends would make their way onto Australian shores.”

Mr Dearden says its new beverages reflect consumer beverages and that the business can move quickly to capitalise on emerging trends as they happen which is advantageous in a market like Australia where consumers are curious and early to try new things.

“Australian consumers certainly tend to be explorative in nature and look to foreign flavour profiles and innovations when trying new products. For instance, we’ve seen tequila continue to grow in demand as Australians seek the highly diverse cultural experiences that the spirit offers,” he said.

Proof Drinks Australia straddles the market supporting emerging international brands as they launch in Australia as well as supporting and promoting its own portfolio, including Cazcabel Tequila, Silent Pool Gin, Kavka Vodka and Mirebau Gin.

General Manager of Proof Drinks Australia, Luke Frost, said, “While we’ve seen significant growth in revenue in the past 12 months, we aren’t focussed on this as our top priority, but rather, we want to champion brand growth, team growth and supporting smaller brands to build them in market. Because we’ve specifically heroed sustainable brands which has resulted in remarkable growth to date, Proof Drinks Australia will continue to build its repertoire of current and new brands that satisfy this consumer demand.”

Its two latest additions to the Australian market are Wild-Arbor Cream Liqueur and Saigon Baigur Dry Gin.

Wild-Arbour is a plant-based liqueur, free of dairy and gluten and derived of 95% ethically-sourced, all-natural ingredients.

Saigon Baigur Dry Gin is the first premium dry gin that is distilled in Ho Chi Minh City. The spirit is a Vietnamese take on the classic dry gin using 12 distinctive local botanicals combined with 4 classic gin ingredients.

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