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PRODUCT RECALL: Ballistic Twang Brambleberry Sour

July 28, 2020
By Alana House

Ballistic Twang Brambleberry Sour cans have been recalled from stores due to a risk they will explode.

The 375ml cans “may be affected by refermentation in the can which could result in exploding cans”. Kegs have also been recalled – while they don’t pose a safety issue, the Brisbane brewery said quality may be impacted by the refermentation issue.

Food Standards Australia said the recall was due to potential for excessive alcohol content.

The recall impacts products packed on July 10 and 13 with best before dates of April next year.

Ballistic Beer recall

Ballistic Beer Company said: “In the interest of customers’ safety and product quality Ballistic Beer Co. has decided to immediately recall all cans and kegs from the affected batch.

“Consumers with recalled cans can either return them to their retailer for a full refund or they can email a picture of the bottom of the can/s together with their name and postal address to and the Ballistic team will send them a replacement can/s of our next seasonal beer release when it is released in 4-6 weeks.”

It said representatives were contacting retailers and venues to ensure that all impacted product was removed from sale and stock credited in full.

“Ballistic Beer Co. has an extensive on-site and off-site quality program already in place and once our investigations are completed we will be implementing any changes required to prevent this issue from re-occurring in the future,” it said.

“Ballistic Beer Co. apologises to retail customers and consumers for any inconvenience caused by this recall.

“We thank our loyal customers and consumers for purchasing our beers and we will be working hard to ensure our future beers meet the high standards you have come to expect from Ballistic Beer Co.”

Is your company prepared for a product recall?

The incident is a reminder to ensure your company is prepared for a recall.

Andrew Brown, Business Development Manager Recall, GS1 Australia, said: “As a rule, Australian food and beverage businesses follow well defined quality processes to reduce the risk of unsafe product entering the marketplace.

“By and large, product recalls occur when something happens that might not have been considered in the risk management process.  A well-defined recall process with standardised communication that is regularly practiced will help companies ensure they are in a far better position to mitigate risk in terms of consumer safety, brand integrity and financial loss.”

GS1 offers Recall, a secure online platform endorsed by major Australian retailers and associations. The use of the Recall platform significantly streamlines and improves processes and communications in the event of a product recall or withdrawal, enabling fast and effective removal of products from across the supply chain.

To find out more about GS1’s Recall platform, click here.

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