Perth Based Distillery Produces First Biodynamic Farmed Vodka

April 17, 2015
By Alana House
Perth based Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery has launched its first small batch spirit – an organic vodka.

Hippocampus Vodka has been made using biodynamic-farmed wheat from a nearby farm, where biodynamic farmers, Jamie and Rodney Frost ensure that no artificial chemicals are used on their soil or plants. The wheat has then been fermented in small tanks and distilled in a custom made copper pot still.

The result is a vanilla and fruit forward-flavoured vodka, with a smooth mouth feel. “We have crafted a clean, rich and textured vodka, which sets us apart from the more familiar neutral vodkas in the market”, distiller at Hippocampus, Alex Poulsen said.

Alex added: “Flavours of vanilla and fruit shine through with a super smooth mouth feel from distilling a select number of times…enough to ensure we embrace the soft sweet flavour of the wheat, but not too much to strip away this wonderful texture.”

Jye Glaskin, National Sales Manager at Hippocampus says the response to the vodka so far has been fantastic. “It seems our vodka associates a lively, wholesome and festive feeling, one that is true to an Australian spirit and is a far cry from other traditional vodkas in the market. Our Hippocampus Vodka shies away from the harsh nature of traditional vodka and instead produces a soft, smooth flavoursome spirit which has been made to enjoy neat, with a favourite mixer or a base in a cocktail.”

As buying local and organic becomes more important to the consumer, more products like Hippocampus Vodka look to join the market.

Hippocampus Vodka is distributed by Memorable Drinks and retails for $79.99 per 700ml bottle.

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