Party bike business

Party bike business granted NT liquor licence

July 15, 2020
By Alana House

Darwin entrepreneurs are preparing to launch a party bike business in the city that will see people pedal the streets while drinking.

Cheekies Party Bike was granted a liquor licence this week by the NT Liquor Licensing Commission.

The business plans to purchase a multi-passenger peddle and electric battery powered bike from China that will take groups of tourists and locals around Darwin, with a designated driver and server on board.

The concept was invented in 1997 by Het Fietscafe BV from the Netherlands. It is powered by the passengers while the steering and braking is controlled by a driver who does not provide pedaling power. They are often used overseas for staff parties and bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Party bike

In Adelaide, a business called The Handle Bar provides a similar service, describing itself as a “pedal pub”.

Business partners Trudi Duncan and Kerri Savidge got the idea from seeing similar businesses that operate in Bali and Germany.

“We just felt there would be tourism opportunities … to point out restaurants, places like Crocosaurus Cove,” Savidge said.

Groups would be served smoothies in the mornings and a choice of alcoholic beverages in the evenings.

“We would do a local beer package partnered with Beaver or One Mile (breweries),” Savidge said.

Cheekies will now seek approval from the NT Motor Vehicle Registry.

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