Paramount Liquor moves to help venues

April 22, 2020
By Alana House

Paramount Liquor has joined with Splashbox to help on-premise venues sell their stock during shutdown, through an online initiative called Hairydog.

Paramount Liquor deals with 6000 on-premise liquor hospitality customers across the country. Its customers provide in excess of 150,000 jobs, but close to 95% have been forced to close their doors, either permanently or temporarily, with no choice but to stand down their entire workforce.

The wholesaler and Splashbox, a marketing and web digital transformation agency, got together in search of a solution. The result is Hairydog, which gives hospitality owners the chance to receive a credit or refund for dead stock.

Paramount Liquor’s Commercial Director, Nathan Miller, said: “In the spirit of mateship and community, Paramount Liquor is supporting Hairydog in this initiative. The solution will help the hospitality industry by allowing impacted venues to return millions of dollars’ worth of alcohol.”

The Hairydog website is due to launch next month and will offer one of the largest online alcohol ranges in Australia, along with fast and affordable delivery, adhering to stringent health and safety measures.

In the meantime, a mini website has been set up to allow hospitality business owners to register for the buyback program, allowing the return of stock for credit, refunds or consignment.

“Hospitality owners will be able to receive a credit or refund for alcohol purchased from Paramount liquor that they can no longer sell,” Miller said.

“Options will also be available for businesses sitting on alcohol purchased elsewhere.

“These hospitality businesses – restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and bars – will be able to benefit with cash flow relief and less stock. Paramount Liquor will hold the stock until it is sold to the public via this new online alcohol store.”

Paramount Liquor

Customers looking to support the industry can register their interest to be notified just prior to launch.

Hairydog will also offer special discounts to any hospitality staff with an RSA. Additionally, Hairydog is looking to create jobs for unemployed hospitality workers through the new business.

Head to to find out more.

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