Mjolner Highland Park whisky

Highland Park & Mjølner collaborate on exclusive whisky release

Highland Park has teamed up with Mjølner Australia to release a cask strength 14yr old single malt exclusively for the Australian market. Mjølner said the decision to collaborate with Highland Park was an easy one for its first signature bottling, with both venues identifying with the proud, independent spirit of the Vikings. The release joins … Continued

July 12, 2019

Amaro Montenegro announces the return of the Vero Bartender 2019

If you always put a bit of human spirit in your work and love bringing people together to make a connection, don’t miss your chance to win The Vero Bartender 2019. To enter, simply create a sharing cocktail based on Amaro Montenegro as the key ingredient and upload to www.theverobartender.com. Ten talented finalists will travel … Continued

July 7, 2019