COCA-COLA LIFE Launches New Advert

Today, Coca-Cola South Pacific revealed its new advert for the launch of COCA-COLA LIFE, depicting the reactions of the remote community of Norfolk Island as they become the first in Australia to taste the new drink. Shot in documentary style to convey the surprise of the Norfolk locals, the TVC will today be broadcasted across … Continued

April 9, 2015

Calidris 28 Under New Ownership

Calidris 28, distributor of 28 BLACK energy drink, Sol Mate, AriZona and illy issimo in the Asia Pacific is now operating under the new trading name Level Beverages Pty Ltd. Level Beverages was bought out by Calidris 28 back in 2013 by then Managing Director, Chris Graebner, and has successfully grown under the new ownership … Continued

March 31, 2015