Noble Spirits Announces Launch Of World’s First Ethical and Sustainable Gin

April 30, 2015
By Alana House
Made from Fairtrade and Organic Certified botanicals, FAIR Gin is the latest addition to join Noble Spirits’ ethical range and is the world’s first ethical and sustainable gin.

To create the gin, FAIR teamed up with a co-op of farmers in Central Asia and Cognac in France to gather a number of organic and ethical botanicals, including juniper berries, cardamom, coriander, calamus roots and Grains of Paradise.

Before being distilled in a unique, hand-made alembic copper still, the botanicals were macerated for seven days in a French distillery to create a soft and delicate spirit with hints of juniper and notes of fragrant spices. FAIR Gin is also free from additives, chemicals, pesticides and preservatives.

Founder of Noble Spirits, Grégoire Bertaud said: “There is a growing aspiration for Australian consumers to appreciate more genuine and higher quality alcoholic beverages and this is where we want to be positioned”.

“We deeply believe that every person in the world should be treated equally and receive fair wages for their work. We hope that one day all businesses will work ethically and sustainably”, said Bertaud.

Noble Spirits also has FAIR Vodka, FAIR Rum, FAIR Café and FAIR Goji. All the brands in the company’s portfolio are ethically and sustainably produced, plus the company guarantees higher margins to the farmers and also donates part of their profits to finance local development programs.

All products are distributed by Noble Spirits, with FAIR Gin retailing for $65.
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