New On-Premise Broker Company

January 30, 2015
By Alana House
After 6 years with Bacardi Lion as NSW On-Premise Field Sales Manager, Ben Hallett has made a start in his own company – Brand Pathway, specialising in brokering on-premise pouring contracts.

“I realised that with my on-premise passion and 17 years management experience in both the venue and supplier sides of the industry, I was well placed to be able to broker pouring agreements that all stakeholders are really happy with”, Mr. Hallett explained. “It is definitely a time consuming process if you want to do it right and with all the various brands, suppliers, personnel and pricing movements, having someone with experience who is across all stakeholder needs can really add value and profit to your business.”

Since establishing Brand Pathway, Mr. Hallett says he has received positive feedback from suppliers. “The feedback given when I started talking to my customers about how I could help them improve the outcomes of their pouring agreements was simple, “If you can save me time and money, I would definitely use this service”. Supplier feedback has also been positive to date as often the opportunities uncovered sees new business for them, while the process itself is streamlined”, Mr. Hallett added. Currently Brand Pathway is the only company specialising in this area.

To find out more information, contact Ben on 0408 447 203 or at Alternatively you can visit the Brand Pathway website,
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