New alcohol-free release – ALTD Spirits Golden Emperor

June 17, 2019
By Alana House

ALTD Spirits, the creator of all-natural, alcohol-free distilled botanical spirits inspired by the Australian landscape, has launched Golden Emperor.

The Golden Emperor rounds out a trilogy of products from ALTD Spirits, sitting alongside the Silver Princess and the Green Grocer, which were released in 2018. All three serve as premium, full-flavoured, alcohol-free alternatives for those who aren’t drinking but still want to enjoy and savour the moment.

Each spirit has a uniquely different flavour profile: the Green Grocer has a sharp citrus character; the Silver Princess is sweeter with a berry undertone; while the Golden Emperor has a more bitter, orange stamp to it, with ingredients including organic oranges, chill-salt blackened citrus peels, native wattleseed, dark roasted cocoa nibs and husks, and blend of local woods and bark.

All three innovative and unique ALTD Spirits are hand-crafted in small batches. Traditional copper stills are used to extract the natural waters from the botanical cellular walls of Australian plants. The botanicals used in ALTD Spirits are 100% native to or grown in Australia – exclusively sourced from indigenous suppliers, as well as ethical farmers and innovative producers.

Aside from being alcohol-free, sugar-free, plant-based and vegan-friendly, ALTD Spirits is both ethically and sustainably sourced and supports a range of charitable and indigenous organisations.

ALTD Spirits founder Tim Triggs created the brand to challenge the perception of ‘not drinking’ and provide an innovative, premium spirit.

“Regardless of why you’re not drinking, you should be able to enjoy and savour a drink in the moment, whatever the occasion,” Triggs said. “Rather than try and create an alcohol-free interpretation of a classic spirit like a traditional gin, I wanted to develop a unique, innovative range of products that met the needs of those who are after a booze-free, premium, unmistakably Australian beverage.”

ALTD Spirits has named each of its products after a species of cicada. All three spirits utilise 100% Australian ingredients and are micro-distilled personally by ALTD Spirits in Artarmon, Sydney.

They are RRP $64 each and are available via Paramount Liquor.

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