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Mumm unveils jaw-dropping Melbourne Cup marquee

October 31, 2019
By Alana House

Pernod Ricard has dazzled again with its Mumm marquee for the Melbourne Cup carnival, launching the Maison Mumm Hotel experience.

The marquee has been transformed into the first ‘boutique hotel’ in The Birdcage and the brand is opening up the RSRV collection via a secret tasting room inside the marquee for the first time.

Mumm has teamed up with five Australian innovators to create its own ‘Collective’ to curate the Maison Mumm Hotel experience. They include fashion designer Dion Lee, interior stylist Nina Maya, artist Alesandro Ljubicic, entrepreneur Hayden Cox and media personality Kate Peck.

Mumm marquee Melbourne Cup

This year’s marquee is the brand’s most ambitious yet – it took 320 hours to build with more than 25 event designers, stylists, builders, engineers and industrial designers working behind the scenes to bring it together.

Eric Thomson, Marketing Director – Pernod Ricard Australia, reveals the secrets being the remarkable Melbourne Cup carnival collaboration.

How did the concept of the Mumm hotel come about?

We really wanted to provide our guests with an experience that embodies the super-premium luxury credentials of Mumm. We’re achieving this by bringing the brand’s French heritage to The Birdcage in the form of an exquisite boutique Parisian hotel.

The planning for this year’s marquee was a collaborative approach between our marketing team in Australia alongside the Mumm Collective – five of Australia’s most creative innovators who have curated experiences to immerse guests in a world of style, celebration and champagne.

We took inspiration from the home of Mumm Champagne in Reims and channelled some of the world’s leading hotels and retail boutiques with the signature Mumm avant garde personality.

Mumm has a reputation for creating amazing marquees each year – how will the hotel take things to the next level?

This year’s marquee will be the most luxurious endeavour for Mumm at the Melbourne Cup Carnival yet. The brand is evolving as Mumm continues its premiumisation journey and this year’s marquee is a representation of this shift.

Guests of the Maison Mumm Hotel will be invited to check-in and experience a world of five-star style, celebration and champagne. In delivering this experience, every small detail has been considered, with curated experiences created by the Mumm Collective:

  • Internationally-acclaimed Fashion Designer Dion Lee has created the Maison Mumm Hotel staff uniforms
  • Interior Stylist Nina Maya has spent months sourcing the most exquisite interiors for the hotel
  • Artist Alesandro Ljubicic has created bespoke artworks for the walls of the Maison Mumm hotel
  • Entrepreneur Hayden Cox has designed each of the Mumm Champagne ice buckets from innovative resin materials
  • Media personality and presenter Kate Peck will co-host Maison Mumm Hotel, alongside Mumm Champagne ambassador Chris Sheehy

In a year of firsts, the Maison Mumm Hotel is the first ever hotel in the Birdcage, it’s also the first time Mumm have collaborated with a group like The Collective and we’re excited that Dan Hong, Merivale Executive Chef (below), has curated a menu for the marquee – a first for the Melbourne Cup Carnival Birdcage. This year we will also open up the RSRV (reserve) portfolio via a secrete suite for friends of the house, which is a new offering for the marquee.

Dan Hong, Mumm marquee, Melbourne Cup

How many visitors do you expect to entertain in the marquee this year?

The marquee will welcome 300 guests a day, 1200 visitors over four days.

Over 10,000 glasses of champagne are consumed in the Mumm marquee alone (more than 2500 bottles) and 14,000 canapes.

How important is the Spring Racing Carnival to Mumm in terms of marketing?

The Melbourne Cup Carnival has been a tremendous platform to showcase Mumm to the Australian public. It’s the largest activation for Mumm in Australia and positions the brand at the centre of the biggest champagne moment across the country. The event enables us to elevate Mumm’s super-premium luxury credentials, driving brand desirability among champagne consumers and has resulted in significant growth for Mumm in Australia.

Can you tell us more about the secret tasting room in the marquee?

This year we wanted to offer guests the most luxurious experience inside the Birdcage and to open up our portfolio of champagne. A secret door within the marquee leads to an exclusive invite-only suite where our RSRV (reserve) cuvées, some of the world’s most decadent and expensive champagnes, will be served to guests holding a special room key. Inside the suite, guests will enjoy a taste of the collection alongside an exclusive menu curated by Dan Hong.

Has Mumm maintained its position as Australia’s No.1 selling Champagne?

Mumm has continued to maintain its position in the Australian market. Our strategy has enabled significant growth over the last 10 years, and our focus remains on long-term success and maintaining our leadership position in the category.

What is the current state of play with Champagne sales in Australia?

When you consider consumption per head of population, Australia has maintained its position as the fifth largest champagne market and is still the only country outside Europe in the top seven. Growth in Australia over the last decade has been extraordinary and if you look at the trend over the last four years, it shows that imports have fluctuated year on year.

Has the Mumm Champagne Bar been successful at Flemington?

The Mumm Champagne Bar has been well received and ensures a permanent presence in Flemington year-round – it’s wonderful to walk into the Members’ Stand and see crowds of people celebrating with Mumm. In the year since opening, more than 20,000 glasses of Grand Cordon and 700 glasses of Grand Cordon Rosé have been served in the Mumm Champagne bar alone.

Does Mumm have plans for Sydney during spring racing?

For the third year running, Mumm is partnering with Victoria Racing Club and The Streets of Barangaroo to bring the spirit of Flemington to Sydney on Cup Day. The Cup Day Festival at Barangaroo is Sydney’s only official live site and turns the waterfront precinct into the go-to destination for lovers of fashion, good food and entertainment. The Mumm Champagne Harbourside Terrace is free to enter and will be serving Mumm Grand Cordon and Grant Cordon Rosé. A host of other Pernod Ricard brands will also be on offer across bars within the precinct.

Over 100 Grand Cordon activations are planned across on-premise venues across Sydney and the Pacific more generally.

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