Minister for Women’s Safety launches Endeavour’s domestic violence program

April 19, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

In Sydney today, Federal Minister for Families and Social Services and Minister for Women’s Safety Anne Ruston launched the Endeavour Group’s domestic violence awareness training program that will be offered to its 28,000 employees.

Minister Ruston encouraged other Australian companies to follow Endeavour Group’s lead. She said:

“Domestic and family violence is a complex issue that must be addressed by working collaboratively across the private and public sectors. It is great to see companies such as Endeavour Group taking a leadership role in creating change by building a positive workplace culture and educating staff.”

Endeavour’s 28,000 employees are members of more than 1600 communities around Australia through brands including BWS, Dan Murphy’s and ALH Hotels. The training is being rolled out in stages across Endeavour Group and its brands, and will also include delivery drivers, customer service agents and support offices.

“The ripple effect of educating team members who live and work in so many Australian communities can be truly powerful,”said BWS Managing Director Scott Davidson.

“We want our team to feel supported and to have the best information readily available to deal with critical issues, so they can remain safe and continue to serve local communities effectively and with empathy.”

Endeavour Group’s General Manager of Endeavour X Claire Smith said:

“Our drivers deliver directly to doorsteps, so they interact with customers at their own homes everyday. This training will be invaluable for both them and the community as they can encounter people in potentially vulnerable situations,” Endeavour Group’s General Manager of Endeavour X Claire Smith said.

The training, developed by Endeavour Group in close consultation with the national sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service 1800RESPECT, will educate team members on what constitutes domestic and family violence; what to do if they see signs of abuse; how to report it; and support systems that are in place.

“Sexual assault, domestic and family violence is prevalent in every postcode of our country. It does not discriminate. To address this issue at its core requires everyone to play their part to turn it off at the tap,” Head of 1800RESPECT Fiona Mort said.

Endeavour Group also offers other support for team members who may be impacted by domestic and family violence including access to personal leave, financial assistance and mental health support.

According to stats from 1800RESPECT, 1 in 4 Australian women have experienced intimate partner violence.

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