Midnight Peat perfect for winter warmth

April 23, 2021
By Ioni Doherty

Australian-owned Scotch whisky, Pure Scot, has released a new edition to its growing range of premium blended Scotch whiskies.

A smoky and contemporary expression designed with Australian bartenders in mind, Pure Scot Midnight Peat recognises peated Scotch whisky as the unsung hero of the cocktail world and was created to elevate classic and modern whisky-based drinks.

Like all of the Pure Scot range, including the multiple award-winning Pure Scot Signature and Pure Scot Virgin Oak, Midnight Peat is refreshing and balanced; while it packs an undeniable punch, Pure Scot Midnight Peat’s warm smoky, sweet notes won’t overwhelm the palate.

Crafted at the 204-year-old Bladnoch Distillery in the Scottish Lowlands, with acclaimed Master Distiller Nick Savage at the helm, Midnight Peat takes Pure Scot’s signature blend and finishes it off in flavourful ex-peated Bladnoch barrels for six to nine months.

This kiss of peat is enough for the smokiness to shine through in cocktails and satiate the peat lovers, but not overpower the refreshing notes of honey, ginger and citrus.

“Pure Scot’s approach is to innovate around drinking occasions in life. By introducing a peated finish, Midnight Peat was developed and designed to add a further aspect to those occasions,” said Savage.

“The peated finish was carefully monitored to allow for character to be a subtle build on the style of Pure Scot signature yet allow for a completely different dimension.”

Pure Scot Midnight Peat is available to order now through Iconic Beverages and The Beverage Company and is available to purchase from independent retailers, on premise only and directly online for $79.99.

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