Meet the Industry Icons Behind Beam Suntory’s Whisk(e)y Rumble

August 28, 2015
By Alana House
Coming to town next week, Beam Suntory Australia will host four of the world’s top whisk(e)y experts in the Great Whisk(e)y Rumble, an event designed to showcase the growth, innovation and diversity of the company’s portfolio of whiskies.

Here we introduce you to the legends of whisk(e)y distilling together for the first time in Australia:


In Laphroaig’s corner will be John Campbell, who was named Laphroaig’s distillery manager
 in 2006, fulfilling a 12-year-old ambition. He is the first Ileach (native of Islay) to run Laphroaig in its 190-year history.

Since joining Laphroaig in 1994, John has worked across the whole distilling process, both at Laphroaig and in distilleries including Tormore, Miltonduff and Ardmore.

In July 2001, John returned from Speyside to take up the post as Laphroaig’s Brewer. He has since then taken the lead to upgrade the distillery and produce a number of successful limited edition bottlings to support the ‘Feis Ile’ (Gaelic for Islay Festival).

John plays a lead role in promoting Laphroaig around the world; this includes running the distillery’s “Friends of Laphroaig” program, which today boasts a 500,000 strong membership from over 150 countries.
John Campbell grew up in the shadow of Laphroaig, and now, he’s running the distillery!


Fighting for Jim Beam will
 be Fred Noe. As the seventh generation of “the first family
 of distillers,” Fred has boldly taken on the job of Bourbon Ambassador. Against pressure to look elsewhere, Fred has kept the Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky, where he knows the combination of pure water, seasonal weather and a community of long-time employees is what makes the product special.

Fred naturally evangelizes the pleasures of drinking bourbon, but has made the bold move
 of taking a nonpartisan stance: however you like to drink it, he says, is how it’s best to drink it!

Fred is fascinated by the work of mixologists who come up with ever more impressive cocktails using bourbon, and
 he loves discussing the various characteristics of the wide variety of bourbons on the market.
Just like the six men who preceded him as the face and spirit of the company, Fred can’t suppress his enthusiasm for bourbon.

His authentic personality makes him the ideal representative for a product and a family name that are a vital part of American history and character.


Representing Canadian Club will be Dan; known for his knowledge of Canadian Club Whisky, Dan Tullio has served as Canadian Club Brand Ambassador for 28 years. His passion, pride and appreciation for CC has elevated his reputation to an international icon, and one of the most sought after experts on the Canadian Whisky category.
Dan began his career in Walkerville, Ontario and today, 
as the Director of Canadian Club, has mastered all the aspects of not only the production of whisky, but is the master in the role of sales & marketing for Canadian
Club. He has travelled throughout the U.S.A and Canada conveying Canadian Club’s brand attributes to sales personnel, buyers & on/off premise customers, developing relationships and fostering the strong growth of the brand he is very proud to represent.

While Dan’s official title is Director of C.C. —he is better known amongst his peers in the industry as the “C.C. Godfather.” It’s a GREAT nickname…but he gets asked for a lot of favours!


In defence of Suntory will be Mike Miyamoto; Mike Miyamoto joined Suntory in 1978, where he was stationed at the Yamazaki distillery. From there he was posted to the USA, to run a cooperage business for five years.

Mike Miyamoto was then a whisky blender from 1987 to 1990 before being posted to the London office, where he worked until 1994, shortly followed by a stint as Director of Morrison Bowmore Distillers in Scotland until 1999.
Mike Miyamoto then returned to his native Japan, as Executive General Manager of the Hakushu distillery for three years before revisiting Scotland as deputy Managing Director of Yamazaki distillery until 2010.

Mike Miyamoto is currently General Manager of Suntory’s Whisky Department and is in charge of quality communication.
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