Mcwilliam’s Wines Hands Over Vineyards in Bid to Reduce Borrowings

January 23, 2015
By Alana House

McWilliam’s Wines has completed a Sale and Leaseback initiative to reduce the company’s debt.

The transaction has seen McWilliam’s Wines sign two of its Coonawarra vineyards and three in Hanwood over to Belvino Investments, via long-term leases on all of the vineyards.

In addition, the Sale and Leaseback initiative will also see a capital investment into the Coonawarra vineyards, with the aim of improving long-term yields.

McWilliam’s is pleased with the decision to take up the initiative and in addition to significantly reducing its borrowings, the company says it will also allow the company to focus on growing its brands and increase its domestic and export sales.

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