McWilliam’s expands McW 480 range

May 8, 2019
By Alana House

Two new varietals are joining the McWilliam’s McW 480 Estate range next month – Tumbarumba Chardonnay (replacing the Tumbarumba Sauvignon Blanc) and Tumbarumba Pinot Noir Rosé.

From June 2019, the range will consist of four wines; the new varietals complementing the existing McW 480 Estate Hilltops Shiraz and McW 480 Estate Tumbarumba Pinot Grigio.

The inspiration behind McW was born out of the topography of the vineyards and the landscape where the grapes are grown, which shape the taste profile of the wine. Each wine within the two ranges is named after the average altitude from where the grapes are harvested, highlighted also through the packaging that features contour lines.       

McW 480 Estate is the entry level offering for the range.

The new McW 480 Estate Chardonnay and McW 480 Estate Pinot Noir Rosé are both harvested from vineyards in the Snowy Mountains region of Tumbarumba. This high-altitude region provides the grapes with intense sunshine during the day and cooler climates at night which means extended ripening periods and moderate alcohol levels.

Andrew Higgins, Chief Winemaker, McWilliam’s Wines Group, said: “Rosé, along with Pinot Noir, are both varietals that are experiencing huge category growth in Australia – Pinot Noir at +14% and Rosé at +32%* – as more consumers explore different wine styles and gravitate towards lighter reds.

“The McW 480 Estate Pinot Noir Rosé combines the best of both worlds – the freshness and vibrancy of high-altitude Rosé wines and the delicate floral bouquet of Pinot Noir.”

The wines are RRP: $20.

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