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Matthews Hospitality restructure announced

July 21, 2020
By Alana House

One of South Australia’s largest family-owned hotel groups, Matthews Hospitality, has announced a restructure.

Third-generation siblings and directors Lisa, Scott and Ward Matthews are acquiring seven of the nine venues owned by Matthews Hospitality and will retain the company name and brand. Group General Manager Andrew Kemp (above) is now CEO.

The following venues will remain part of the Matthews Hospitality group: the Feathers, Maylands, Buckingham Arms, Eyre, Mount Gambier, Park and South Eastern Hotels, as well as Colhurst House B&B and Witches Brew Liquor.

Their uncle Guy and cousins Shaun, Brett and William are acquiring the Flagstaff and Mansfield Park Hotels. Guy, Brett and Shaun will resign as directors of Matthews Hospitality.

Matthews Hospitality was established during World War II by Seymour and Doris (Dossie) Matthews with the Bayview Hotel lease in Whyalla. The group has owned, operated and sold many iconic South Australian venues over the years totalling some 36 hotel licences and freeholds.

The family has a legacy of pioneering innovation, establishing Australia’s first drive-thru bottle shop, smorgasbord and counter meal. They also paved the way for night-time entertainment in hotels as the original home of world-famous bands and artists including AC/DC, Jimmy Barnes and Cold Chisel.

Matthews Hospitality

Seymour and Dossie had two sons, Tony and Guy. Lisa, Scott and Ward (above) are the children of Tony, who passed away in March 2019. Lisa has two sons aged in their 20s and Scott has two children under the age of 10.

Lisa, Scott and Ward said: “Every business needs a succession plan, and the timing was right to work with our family to achieve this.

“Matthews Hospitality has a proud family history, legacy and values, and our succession plan is designed to preserve and honour these qualities for future generations.

“We remain focused on providing the same enjoyment and happiness to people who come into our hotels that our parents and grandparents did.

“Our family is supported by fantastic staff who share our commitment to providing great customer experiences and we have been blown away by the support of our community during Covid-19.

“We are deeply rooted in our communities and we are passionate about the industry and the diversity of our hotels. We look forward to continuing to build and nurture these relationships with our communities who support us.

“From a customer perspective it remains business as usual within our hotels.

“This succession plan will strengthen our family business so that we can continue to provide welcoming spaces and great customer experiences for decades to come.”

New pub group looks to expand in SA

Brett Matthews also recently joined with Duxton Asset Management chairman Ed Peter and Martin Palmer of Palmer Hospitality Group to create the Duxton Pub Group.

The Lion Hotel

The group has just purchased its first asset, the Lion Hotel in North Adelaide.

The heritage-listed hotel was built as the Lion Brewery in 1871, and the sale includes an adjacent office block combine, creating a 5000sqm site.

The sale price of the property hasn’t been revealed, but the combined property was listed in October last year with an expected price tag of $17 million.

The hotel has been closed since COVID-19 shutdown in late March. Duxton Pub Group intends to re-open it in late September.

A Duxton Pubs Group spokesperson told In Daily more purchases were planned: “Our goal is to continue to invest in high quality freehold and leasehold hotels as well as other premium assets, with the aim of creating the most dynamic hospitality group in South Australia.”

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