Matt Bodycote

Matt Bodycote wins Patrón Perfectionists Australia

July 27, 2020
By Alana House

Congratulations to Matt Bodycote from Baxter Supper Club in Perth on winning this year’s special edition of Patrón Perfectionists Australia.

The Australian edition of Patrón Perfectionists took a slightly different angle and challenged bartenders to demonstrate their skill, expertise and commitment to perfection through the creation of a hand-crafted cocktail vessel.

Bartenders drew inspiration from the 60 hands that are involved in crafting tequila at the Hacienda Patrón in Mexico – from the jimadors that harvest the agave to the glass artisans that create the Patrón Tequila bottles.

More than 130 bartenders registered for the competition and had the opportunity to share their creations over the last month. The top 10 finalists deemed to have created the best hand-crafted cocktail vessel were then asked to perfect their vessel once more. A video call was undertaken, and the competitors had a chance to gain feedback and perfect their designs. Virtual judging took place earlier this month and was led by Australian Patrón Brand Ambassador Joseph Chisholm.

Matt Bodycote Patron Perfectionist

Bodycote won based on the functionality and creativity of his design (above) along with technique shown during the crafting of the vessel. He will enjoy a luxurious ‘staycation’ in his hometown and continue to work with ceramicist Tantri Mustika to finalise his design for production.

The hexagonal highball was designed by Bodycote to tell a story through touch. Each side representing the production methods of Patrón tequila, honeycomb is shown to signify the cultivation of tequila, pinã to represent the Jimadors, clay bricks to illustrate the ovens, bubbles for fermentation and fire to characterise distillation. Finally, the handcraft vessel represents the hand bottling.

Stay tuned for more details around where and when you will be able to see Bodycote’s cocktail vessel being used in bars across the country.

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