Make like the Spanish this summer

January 20, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

Running with Bulls is encouraging wine drinkers to ‘buck tradition’ and chill their red wines in the fridge this summer.

The team points to IRI data demonstrating ra shift from people purchasing red wines to white wines (up 4 per cent) during the warmer months. The appetite for chilled wines given the intense heat of the Australian summer is a no-brainer.

However,Running with Bulls suggests that given the average price point of still white wine is generally lower ($11.17 ASP for whites vs $13.99 ASP for reds), this change in consumer behaviour leaves the retailer with less margin in their pocket over summer.

Running with Bulls winemaker Sam Wigan says lighter red wines could reduce the gap for on- & off- premise and also fill the need for thirst-quenching wines over summer.

“Here in Australia, we live in the lowest, flattest, driest inhabited continent in the world, and most of the time, it is hot. So why should white wines, bubbles and Rosé dominate the warmer months?” said Wigan.

Established in 2008, Running with Bulls says it strives to challenge the status quo, introducing the Spanish variety Tempranillo to the Barossa all those years ago. Today, Running with Bulls Barossa Tempranillo is the leading Tempranillo in Australia.

Sam Wigan has experimented with other varieties over the past decade and has since added a Barossa Garnacha to the collection, made in a lighter, unoaked style.

“Leave the sheep and run with the bulls is our mantra. Born from a different attitude and different approach,” said Mr Wigan.

“The two wines are made to be bright, fresh, with lots of red fruit flavours, making them perfect wines over summer. Pop them in the fridge or an ice bucket until they are 10-15 degrees and pair with Spanish tapas, Mexican fare or a simple Aussie barbeque.”

Sounds like a pretty good serving suggestion to us.

Running with Bulls wines are available at all leading Australian liquor stores or direct via online for RRP $25.

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