Lyre’s partners with Dry July

June 15, 2022
By Ioni Doherty

This June and July the team at Lyre’s are on a mission to get Australians signing up for Dry July and fundraising for people affected by cancer, while also enjoying the benefits of a month off alcohol.

Throughout July, 10 per cent of all sales from the Lyre’s website will go to the Dry July Foundation, which aims to create a better life for people affected by cancer. The Dry July Foundation has raised more than $73million to support more than 80 cancer support charities to date.

The Lyre’s x Dry July partnership will run in-store and online, and the Lyre’s Australian team is also challenging themselves and participating in Dry July, with Co-Founder Carl Hartmann joining in on the effort.

“We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Dry July Foundation, an incredible organisation enabling not only the discovery of benefits a break from alcohol bring, but also delivering meaningful charitable contributions to an array of great causes through their month-long challenge,” he said.

Lyre’s other Co-Founder Mark Livings continued: “We started Lyre’s with a single vision: to change the way the world drinks. Our growing, global success has shown that there’s incredible demand for premium non-alcoholic drinks. We believe it is part of our role to educate and showcase the wide range of options available, with people finding their way to our brand whether moderating, take a break, or stopping with alcohol entirely.”

Lyre’s range of 18 non-alcoholic spirit variants are designed to create non-alcoholic drinks equivalent to the world’s most popular cocktails. From a classic Dry London to Agave to an Absinthe equivalent, Lyre’s gives bartenders and those playing at home the liquids to create their favourite drinks, sans alcohol. Five ready-to-drink beverages are also available as a convenient option, as well as Classico which pays homage to Prosecco.

“For many, the Dry July challenge is not so much that they can’t do without alcohol, but rather they may feel a little antisocial in a group where everyone else is enjoying a drink. The nice thing about our Lyre’s campaign partnership is that it points participants to a non-alcoholic substitute they can enjoy in a social setting, whilst maintaining their fundraising commitment.” said Dry July Chairman Ian Elliot.

Going alcohol-free for Dry July has never been easier. Sign up to Dry July today and help raise funds for people affected by cancer.

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